We provide Florida federal employees with the information and tools they need to fully understand the investments within their Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) accounts. First and foremost, our primary objective is to educate our clients on how to protect their TSP accounts from major market declines. We believe that the No. 1 thing individuals must do to earn superior returns in their TSP accounts is to avoid losses. Our secondary objective is to show our clients the options that can keep them in the market when trends are positive.

While smaller losses are unavoidable, it’s important to mitigate downside risk and avoid major market corrections or crashes. It’s also important to understand what the numbers mean. What’s the real rate of return vs. the actual rate of return? Are the clients keeping pace with inflation? Also, will they have enough sustainable income when they retire?

We can also explore alternatives to traditional fund allocations within their TSP accounts. Remember, fund allocations within TSPs assume risk and are stock market driven!

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